When color is a personal choice,

you want color matching to be objective


How it works

Automatchic Digital Color Solution

our latest innovation for color matching

With the new Automatchic Digital Color package AkzoNobel sets the standard for reliable color matching in bodyshops. Automatchic increases business profitability by being a driver for process optimization, accuracy and speed. It strengthens a sustainable operation by using less paint, reducing waste and saving valuable time.

Key element in this package is the new Automatchic Vision; a hand-held spectrophotometer with the latest technology that is compact and easy to operate, requires minimal training, and provides confident measurements on curved parts of the vehicle that were previously difficult to read.

Our latest improvement

Color Manager

introducing smart search

With Automatchic Vision, AkzoNobel introduces the new Automatchic Smart Search Software that supports bodyshop processes by selecting the best matching color formula.

We are proud of our latest innovative color solution. Working with Automatchic is easy, reliable, and will become a valuable asset in your daily work. The first choice for every job in your bodyshop.

Getting Color Right, first time, every time.

The Color Manager Software

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How to enter the competition?

Enter your unique Automatchic product code found on the back of the box and upload a screenshot of your color case to enter the the competition.

How to make a screenshot of your color case?


Open the Automatchic application and press 'Print screen' on your keyboard. Open Microsoft Paint or any other photo editing software and 'paste'. Save the file as a .png, .jpg or gif and upload the file.


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